Spray Tanning by Brownberry

Our deep dark secret? Our deep dark tans- the first layer of impression and last layer of confidence. Located in Face to Face Beauty Studio, we are now offering elite spray tanning services! Visit us today for the luxe tan life you’ve been dreaming about.

The History:

Whitney Ashton, creator of Brownberry by Whitney Ashton has always had a brain for business and a soul for the arts. Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (emphasis Finance) she has spent nine years in the banking industry. She has since founded BB by WA. With a passion to transforms one’s outer beauty to reflect the beauty within, Whitney views this transition as the first step towards realizing her dreams. Her fascination with how ascetically pleasing a great tan can be, has generated the ultimate purpose behind the tan: to create one’s first layer of impression and last layer of confidence.

The Experience:

Wondering what exactly to expect through this process? Don’t worry Whitney is here to help every step, but below is a brief description.

Each client will be coached on pre-tan requirements. This will ensure not only the best quality tan, but a long lasting tan as well.
When the client arrives they will be directed towards a private tanning room, essentially where the magic begins.

Whitney will then walk the client through what to physically expect through the process. (Whitney always suggests to mentally prepare for your tanning experience. This is your time, your fifteen minutes to either quietly enjoy your tanning session or chit chat with Whitney as she transforms your outer beauty.)

After performing the spray tan, Whitney will direct each client through after care instructions.

That’s it, it’s that simple! As always Whitney promotes asking questions. If you’re unsure of any steps throughout your experience, be sure to ask!

The Product:

With any great spray one needs great product. All products used are 100% natural. Whitney prides herself with creating tans that are not only great for you, but the universe as well. An ingredient list is available on request. (Some after products may contain nut extract.)

The Price List:

Whitney finds with most beauty services, clients not only want a great experience, but great pricing to complement! Whitney has developed a competitive price list that rivals others, given the full experience that couples with her spray tan experience. Please see below for the full price list.

Tanning Services:

  • Full body $60
  • Touch Up (full body) $45
  • Senior/ Student Discount (current ID required) $42
  • Winter Tan (waist up) $40
  • Wrap Tan (breast up) $35
  • Face $5
  • Legs $18

Tanning Packages:

  • 6 Spray Tan Sessions $210
  • 4 Spray Tan Sessions $160
  • 3 Spray Tan Sessions $135
  • 1 Spray Tan Session $50 (but you must purchase 2)


What should I do before my spray tan?

Please shave and exfoliate 24 hours prior to your spray tan. This will remove dry skin for optimal results. Please do not apply deodorants, lotions, moisturizers, or perfumes to the skin before the spray tan. We do not want to create any barriers between the solution and your skin. These steps will help prevent that.

What should I wear?

Please wear breathable, loose fitting clothes. I.e. wearing cotton t-shirts, sweat pants, etc. Please also keep in mind leather seats may cause sweating which can cause your tan to smear.

How long does the process take?

On average the entire process should take 15-20 minutes.

What should I do after my spray tan?

Please do not shower or sweat for 6-8 hours following the tan. In this time the tan is developing and reacting to the sugars in the client’s skin.

How long will it last?

Typically, depending on the quality of after care, the tan will last 7-9 days. Please keep in mind, the better the client’s after care, the longer lasting the tan. (Moisturize daily!)